This page provides information about policies and terms of use that apply to Traci McGee's counselling services and website.  It complements the Therapy Agreement that clients are asked to review and sign during the first counselling session; this page does not replace other agreements.

Client Service Policies

Appointment Changes & Cancellations

Appointments can be changed or cancelled by calling 250.885.6760.  See the Private Appointments web page.  Fees are payable for appointments missed without two business days notice.


See the Fees webpage for information about:

    • GST

    • Payment Methods

    • Missed Appointments

    • Health Insurance

Client Privacy and Confidentiality

See the Privacy and Confidentiality webpage for policy details.

Skype & Telephone Counselling

Counselling services are normally provided in person.  Counselling by Skype or telephone is an option for established clients in limited circumstances.

Website Terms of Use

The following paragraphs provide website users with notice of website policies and practices.


The contents of the website are provided for information purposes only.  Nothing at the site should be considered or used as a substitute for professional mental health or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to monitor website performance and usage.  Aggregate usage is monitored using summary reports and charts.  Statistics are not monitored in a way in that identifies individual website visitors.  Examples of aggregate statistics include the number of site visitors in a month, the percentage of site visitors in Greater Victoria and the average length of a visit at the site.

Social Media

For ethical reasons, Traci does not accept requests from clients or prospective clients to be 'friends' or 'connected' on social media websites like Facebook and Linked In.

Website Cookies

The website is built with a Joomla! content management system that uses cookies to enhance the experience of website visitors.  We do not monitor cookies.  Website users may disable cookies with their browser and continue to use the site although site performance may be affected.  Information about website cookies is available at Wikipedia and

Website Image Usage & Copyright Notice

The website uses images and graphics from a variety of sources.  See the website images page on this website to see images credits, Creative Commons licensing details and copyright notices.

Website Pop Ups

Pop Ups can be intrusive and annoying.  The website does not use pop ups.